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About Us :
Harihar, as the name itself indicates, is the place of the holy union of HARI and HARA. It is also called the South Kashi because of the temple of Lord Harihar. The town is situated on the bank of the river Thungabhadra. It is also an Industrial Town. There is one big industry, Polyfibers, and many other small-scale industries. It has irrigation facility with the water flowing from the Bhadra Reservoir.

Harihar is a junction, which is well connected by the National Highway 4. It is also well connected by a Broad Gauge Train link from South and North India.

Harihar taluk has the greatness of having produced great litterateurs, artistes and musicians. Famous literary persons like Helavanakatte Giriyamma and P. Lankesh were from this taluk. Many sports, literary and cultural organisations have created a good literary and cultural atmosphere in the town. Harihar is the abode of many poets, writers, intellectuals and sportspersons.

“Smt. Giriyamma .R. Kanthappa Shresti First Grade Women’s College” is one of the famous colleges in Davanagere University. The Poura Seva Samithi, having realized the necessity of a separate college for women in Harihar town, started this college in 1984. Ever since its establishment the college has seen a steady growth in terms of both quality and quantity. The students of this college are known for their gentle behaviour,great talents, and noble qualities.

The Management of our college, comprised of enlightened and philanthropic members, devoted to the cause of women education, registered Poura Seva Samithi under Karnataka Society's Registration Act 1960 on 28th September 1979. They believed that all female students irrespective of caste, colour, creed, and class should get good education, become self-sustained and thus, come out of the shackles of male domination and gender discrimination..

We are very proud to submit the details of the milestones of our institution from the date of its establishment till this time in different areas:

01. The present degree college was started in October 1984 by the order of Government of Karnataka.
02. The students enrolled at the beginning of the first year were only 13. This college was started in three small rooms built of tiles with 05 teaching and one non-teaching staff and only 278 books in the Library.
03. In the beginning, the college offered B.A. course with the combinations of HEP and HES, and B.Com., with compulsory subjects.
04. The first batch of the college came out during the year 1987. The results of B.A. and B.Com., was 67% each.
05. The first affiliation was granted to our college in the year 1984-85 from Mysore University and from the academic year 1988-89 onwards our college has been affiliated to Kuvempu University. With the beginning of Davanagere university on 18-08-2008, our college has been affiliated to it from the academic year 2008-09.
06. Our college was brought within the ambit of grant-in-aid by the Government of Karnataka from 18-04-1991.
07. The construction of the present spacious, well-equipped building with full-fledged facilities was started during the year 1992.
08. We opened our Rank account during the year 1994-95 with a III Rank in B.Com., and so far we have bagged 38 Ranks in all. With 9 Ranks (6 ranks in B.Com., and 3 ranks in B.A.) in the academic year 2005-06, we have established the Record of Bagging Highest number of Ranks in the history of Kuvempu University.
09. The permanent affiliation to our college was given by Kuvempu University in the academic year 1998-99.
10. The College included under 2 F and 12(B) of the U.G.C. Act 1956, in the year 1999.
11. The combinations were introduced in our institution as per the details mentioned below.
a. Combinations in B.A. 1) History, Sociology, Education.
2) History, Political Science, Education.
3) History, Economics, Pol. Sc.
2) History, Economics, Sociology.
12. Our college bagged the first University blue in the year 1992 in Kabaddi. It has also bagged first place in Kabaddi 5 times, and championship in Weight and Power Lifting at the University level during the academic year 2005-06.
13. During the year 2006-07, one of the students of our college participated in South Zone Inter-University Youth Festival held at Madhurai (Tamilnadu).
14. The Alumni Association was established in 2004-05 and registered during the year 2005-06.
15. College began publishing the college magazine, ANUPAMA, from the academic year 1994-95.
16. The first Ph.D. was procured by our staff member during the year 1996 and first M.Phil., was in English in 2004. At present our college has 05 Ph.D. degree holders and 04 M.Phil. degree holders.
17. There is a Computer Lab in our college which has 30 computers with internet facility for students and staff.
18. We have six digital classrooms.
19. The Library is completely digitalised.
This institution has been steadily progressing and at present we have the below-mentioned efficient and experienced staff and full-pledged facilities to cope up with the needs of the global market.
Staff Position
Particulars Asct Prof. Asst Prof. Ph.D. M.Phil Total
Completed Registered Under FIP Completed Registered
Teaching 10 00 05 00 00 04 00 10
Non-Teaching -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 11
Total 11 00 05 00 00 04 00 21
Teaching aids with Audio visuals
Sl.No Name Total No Utilisation in
01. Computers 30 The Office, the Library, Teaching and Learning
02. LCD 06 Seminars and guest lectures
03. OHP 01 Teaching and Learning
04. Paxyscope 01 Teaching
05. T.V. 02 Teaching , Learning, and Recreation
06. D.V.D. player 01 Teaching and Learning
Sports Facilities
Sl. No. Particulars
01. 12 Point Multi-Gym
02. Parallel Bars
03. Roman Rings
04. Table Tennis
05. Basket Ball
06. Indoor game facilities
No. of Units No. of Special Camps Conducted
02. 18
Sl.No. Particulars Old building New building
01. No. of Rooms 03 06
02. Utilisation 10-11 Class Rooms
05 - Store Room
03-04 Canteen

Cellar :
01 - Class Room
Library and Reference Room
Ground Floor :
01- Waiting Room / Health
02- Computer Lab
03 – Office Room
04 – 05 – Principal Chamber
06- Staff Room
07 – Class Room
1 st Flooor
08 - Class Room
09 – Class Room

10- Class Room

11- Class Room

2 nd Floor- Auditorium

Volumes Value Journals Magazines Newspapers
20248 Rs. 24,53,975.00 28 24 13